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Summer Nights with Bug Be Gone

Bug Be Gone Info

Bug Be Gone

100% natural insect repellent that uses a blend of carefully chosen essential oils and high quality ingredients to safely and effectively repel mosquitos and ticks.

Bug Be Gone Info

Bug Be Gone Testimonials

I have always hated wearing bug spray because of the greasy feel and the overwhelming smell. Your stuff is not greasy at all and it smells amazing!  I didn't get bit at all. Worked great for me!

Alicia G. (Ohio)

Thank you so much for that life saving bottle of Bug Be Gone! I have used it on my daughter and myself the past 3 days that we have been able to be outside. It is AMAZING. We still see the mosquitoes (they are HUGE) but neither of us have any new bites. Plus it smells great! My husband came in the room after I sprayed her and I and asked me what I was diffusing that smelled so good. Thank you again.

Brittany L. (North Carolina)

I normally get 10 bites in a matter of minutes!! I've tried lots of stuff and they still get me. I'm sitting outside enjoying this beautiful evening & happy to report no skeeter bites since I put this on!  I love the scent of this as well.  I'm SO thankful!!

Christina M. (North Carolina)

We have a house on Lake Erie and the bugs are awful!  I was sitting outside on my deck on and was bothered by bugs constantly swarming around and landing on me. I went into the house and got my bottle of Bug Be Gone. I sprayed it on, and the bugs immediately stopped bothering me.  It really works!

Susan A. (Ohio)

We used our bottle this morning on our walk through a park in Newport News, VA.  It worked wonderfully!!!

Tracy D. (Virginia)

Mosquitos LOVE me. I'm usually bit up within an hour of being outside at night. :( I wore the Bug Be Gone spray camping over Memorial Day weekend and DID NOT RECEIVE ONE BITE!!! I couldn't believe it. 

I'm very excited to find something without Deet that actually works. The spray has a nice and not over-powering smell and isn't oily at all. 

Tracy B. (Ohio)

I used it for the first time today. I am watching mosquitoes HOVER over my legs instead of eating me alive!

Kathy D. (North Carolina)

I can't say enough about the Bug Be Gone!!! The mosquitos love me, but don't come near me when I have this on! And I love the natural scent!

Christina M. (North Carolina)

Bug Be Gone is the ONLY way I’m able to sit outside to watch the WVU game! I had 6 bites before I sprayed it on and zero since!!!!! 

Amy J. (Pennsylvania)

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