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Summer Nights with Bug Be Gone

Bug Be Gone Info

Bug Be Gone

100% natural insect repellent that uses a blend of carefully chosen essential oils and high quality ingredients to safely and effectively repel mosquitos and ticks.

Bug Be Gone Info

Bug Be Gone Testimonials

I have always hated wearing bug spray because of the greasy feel and the overwhelming smell. Your stuff is not greasy at all and it smells amazing!  I didn't get bit at all. Worked great for me!

Alicia G.

This worked great for me. And it smells amazing!

Holly W.

I normally get 10 bites in a matter of minutes!! I've tried lots of stuff and they still get me. I'm sitting outside enjoying this beautiful evening & happy to report no skeeter bites since I put this on!  I love the scent of this as well.  I'm SO thankful!!

Christina M.

We have a house on Lake Erie and the bugs are awful!  I was sitting outside on my deck on and was bothered by bugs constantly swarming around and landing on me. I went into the house and got my bottle of Bug Be Gone. I sprayed it on, and the bugs immediately stopped bothering me.  It really works!

Susan A.

We used our bottle this morning on our walk through a park in Newport News, VA.  It worked wonderfully!!!

Tracy D.

Mosquitos LOVE me. I'm usually bit up within an hour of being outside at night. :( I wore the Bug Be Gone spray camping over Memorial Day weekend and DID NOT RECEIVE ONE BITE!!! I couldn't believe it. 

I'm very excited to find something without Deet that actually works. The spray has a nice and not over-powering smell and isn't oily at all. 

Tracy B.

I used it for the first time today. I am watching mosquitoes HOVER over my legs instead of eating me alive!

Kathy D.

I can't say enough about the Bug Be Gone!!! The mosquitos love me, but don't come near me when I have this on! And I love the natural scent!

Christina M.

Bug Be Gone is the ONLY way I’m able to sit outside to watch the WVU game! I had 6 bites before I sprayed it on and zero since!!!!! 

Amy J.

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