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Does Bug Be Gone Work?

The Origin of Bug Be Gone 

Bug Be Gone was created out of necessity.  I have a daughter who is a bonified mosquito magnet. They come from miles around to feast on her delicious blood.  We camp throughout the warm months and she gets bitten terribly. She could stand in a crowd of people, and be covered in bites while everyone else has one or two. To make matters worse, her body doesn't respond well to the bites. She is allergic and gets large welts, bruises and sometimes blisters as a result.  

We tried many different insect repellents, but none of them worked well.  The ones with Deet made me uncomfortable.  So I began mixing my own repellent.  We tested recipes at dusk at Mosquito Lake State Park (I know, terrible name... but accurate) until we found a combination of natural ingredients that worked.  And so Bug Be Gone was born... at Mosquito Lake!  Pretty cool origin, right?  That was in 2016. 

Since then, Bug Be Gone has been used by folks in Ohio, Indiana, Washington, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida with great results.

Hurricane Florence & Gigantic Mosquitoes 

In early October 2018, mosquitoes were in the headlines.  Hurricane Florence dropped a record-breaking amount of rain on North Carolina and South Carolina, leading to an explosion in the mosquito population. And these weren't normal mosquitoes- they were Gallinippers (pictured), which are among the largest, most aggressive breed of mosquitoes. They are three times the normal size (comparable to the size of a quarter) and bite tjeir victims day and night. 

Residents described gigantic mosquitoes that swarmed their automobiles and sat on their houses waiting to enter homes through an open door or window. Venturing outside was a nightmare. The bite of the Gallinipper was unavoidable and felt like a bee sting that left large, swollen sections on the skin. I received photos of adults, children and pets with huge bites that broke my heart.  It was a terrible situation for those who already had so many challenges related to rebuilding their homes and communities post-Florence.  












I felt called to help, so I sent Bug Be Gone to over 100 folks in the Wilmington, NC area (and surrounding communities) who were recovering from the hurricane. It was a uniquely challenging mosquito situation and I was hopeful that Bug Be Gone could make their lives easier.  Bottom line... Bug Be Gone worked for almost everyone who provided me with feedback, even on the Gallinippers. Their testimonials can be found below.

Does Bug Be Gone Work?

Bug Be Gone is a natural insect repellent.  It works great for many of my customers, but everyone is different. What works for you may not work for them.  Take a look at some of the feedback from those who tried Bug Be Gone:

Feedback from those recovering from Hurricane Florence & Hurricane Michael:

"I received it earlier today and used it once I got home. The mosquitoes swarm my SUV when I pull in the driveway. I sprayed myself and kids before walking out and I didn’t have anyone scream for being 'pinched by the skeetos.'  I thank you so much for the product. It's amazing. I have a 2 and 8 yr and they hate the bugs. The aroma is one of the best aspects. We can wear it and be around people with severe allergies and asthma without causing them any issues. It’s also great to have a product that works but doesn’t smell strong like big sprays with Deet in them. It’s not greasy and settles into the skin like a dry oil or lotion, which is greatly appreciated." -Precious L.

"I just used it tonight while we helped a friend move furniture. It actually worked better than I expected. I think two may have messed with me at first but after an hour I didn't have not one bother me. I also like the smell of the product it's not overbearing and it actually has a nice smell to it." -Samantha B.

"We were able to use Ardent Naturals' bug spray today while cleaning out a house on the river. It did a fantastic job. Thank you for your support." -Mary B.

"It's working on the mosquitoes if I reapply every 2 hours." -Michelle V.

"Life is busy here in Wilmington! I’ve been serving in areas where mosquitoes are in abundance!! I could not have survived without your spray and have used it for many on the team so thank you from the bottom of my heart! Our hearts!! Not sure what’s in there but it is incredible!!! Thank you for helping which may seem to be a small part but was a huge part in helping us serve without the annoyance of mosquitoes!! No bites and they stayed away from us but others from another team were eaten alive. You're a blessing!!! Thank you!!!" -Rosa P.

"My daughter and I absolutely love it! I have a neighbor that used it as well and she's all about all natural. She's in love! We'll definitely be ordering in the near future. My neighbor also will be. Thanks again, for your kindness and generosity!" -Jennifer L.

"THANK YOU! Thank you so much for that life-saving bottle of Bug Be Gone! I have used it on my daughter and myself the past 3 days that we have been able to be outside. It is AMAZING. We still see the mosquitoes (they are HUGE) but neither of us has any new bites. Plus it smells great! My husband came in the room after I sprayed her and I and asked me what I was diffusing that smelled so good. Thank you again." -Brittany L.

"It worked great on Saturday when I got to use it for the first time. No bites on my sons or I - thank you so much!!" -Liz D.

"My son loved it. He does in and cut trees and removal. Says it worked great even with the ticks and yellow flies. You get 4 thumbs up. That's the number of people in his crew. Everyone who used it loved it. You made buddies in NC. Thanks so much! Great product! You were more than a help. You and Bug Be Gone are a blessing!!! THANK YOU!"  -Marti D.

"Thank you I did receive and have gotten to use it once it smells great by the way and seemed to work wonderfully." -Cynthia F.

"I had the opportunity to use it last week and it worked well during a tennis match I had. Thanks so much." -Anne E.

"My grandma loves hers and it works great for our family as well!! Thank you again!!!" -Tiffany L.

"I love it. The bugs have stayed away! Thank you!" -Jennifer W.

"I want to thank you so much. It is fantastic. We have never found anything that works the way it does. Keeps mosquitoes at bay and doesn't stain clothes or body. Again it has been a lifesaver. Still trying to recover from the hurricane but your product has definitely helped us a great deal." -LeeAnna J.

"Hello!! Thank you SO much for sending that golden potion! I love it, it kept them from harassing myself and my kids! I mainly use it on my little guy seeing as he has such a horrific response to the bites. It works great on him and I love that I came across something that doesn’t carry Deet in it." -Monica B.

"I have been using it, and I love everything about it. It kept the bugs away and smelled amazing. Thank you so much, I will be ordering as I need to." -Timothy R.

"I used it and I love it no bugs bothered me." -Laurie L.

"I used it this past weekend while out fishing. It works great!" -Peggy G.


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