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Free Bottle of Bug Be Gone for Hurricane Recovery

Dear Friends,

Before Hurricane Florence, I sold bottles of Bug Be Gone to customers in Wilmington, North Carolina who had success with repelling mosquitoes when nothing else seemed to help. 

Recently, I read an article about how perpetual flooding led to an explosion in the mosquito population in NC. I remembered my Wilmington customers' success and thought that maybe Bug Be Gone could help. 

So, I created an offer on Facebook for 15 free bottles of Bug Be Gone for residents of Wilmington and communities in a 50-mile radius, not knowing if I would hear from 2 or 15 people. 

The overwhelming response to my offer revealed that the situation was far worse than many of us who live outside of your area realize. Your comments, photos, and private messages were (and continue to be) so moving. 

It quickly became apparent that the need was far greater than 15 bottles. To date, I have mailed out 80 bottles.

And then Hurricane Michael hit.  The devastation is horrible for Florida, and it's caused additional precipitation for Virginia, Georgia and the Carolinas.  The chances of an increase in the mosquito population is high, and experts are predicting that there will be a reinfestation of the Gallinipper, which is the super large, aggressive mosquito in North Carolina.

So, I am extending the offer for a short time to mail a bottle of Bug Be Gone for free to those who are trying to recover from the hurricane. This time, I'm expanding my offer to North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Florida. 

I sincerely hope that Bug Be Gone makes your life easier as you go about repairing your homes, your lives, and your communities. 

To Order Your Free Bottle:

To request your bottle of Bug Be Gone, please comment on the Facebook post, send Ardent Naturals a private message on Facebook, or email us here

I am responding to those posts within 24 hours.  Don't forget to provide a little information about your situation.  One bottle per customer, please.  

Turnaround Time: 

Once we communicate via Messenger/email, you can expect to receive your bottle of Bug Be Gone within 1 week.  If I have to make a new batch of BBG, it will take up to 2 weeks to receive your BBG.  It takes extra time to brew and bottle a new batch and there will likely be many, many requests due to the great need.  I'll do my best to keep up.   

Will it Work?

Bug Be Gone is a natural insect repellent.  It works great for many of my customers, but everyone is different. What works for you may not work for them.  Additionally, the huge, aggressive mosquitos have created such a uniquely challenging situation, it's hard to know if BBG will be effective. 

I have started to hear back from those who received BBG in North Carolina.  I am delighted to share that they are having fantastic results!  Here's some of the feedback they shared:  

"I received it earlier today and used it once I got home. The mosquitoes swarm my SUV when I pull in the driveway. I sprayed myself and kids before walking out and I didn’t have anyone scream for being 'pinched by the skeetos.'  I thank you so much for the product. It's amazing. I have a 2 and 8 yr and they hate the bugs. The aroma is one of the best aspects. We can wear it and be around people with severe allergies and asthma without causing them any issues. It’s also great to have a product that works but doesn’t smell strong like big sprays with Deet in them. It’s not greasy and settles into the skin like a dry oil or lotion, which is greatly appreciated." -Precious L.

"I just used it tonight while we helped a friend move furniture. It actually worked better than I expected. I think two may have messed with me at first but after an hour I didn't have not one bother me. I also like the smell of the product it's not overbearing and it actually has a nice smell to it." -Samantha B.

"We were able to use Ardent Naturals' bug spray today while cleaning out a house on the river. It did a fantastic job. Thank you for your support." -Mary B.

"It's working on the mosquitoes if I reapply every 2 hours." -Michelle V.

"Life is busy here in Wilmington! I’ve been serving in areas where mosquitoes are in abundance!! I could not have survived without your spray and have used it for many on the team so thank you from the bottom of my heart! Our hearts!! Not sure what’s in there but it is incredible!!! Thank you for helping which may seem to be a small part but was a huge part in helping us serve without the annoyance of mosquitoes!! No bites and they stayed away from us but others from another team were eaten alive. You're a blessing!!! Thank you!!!" -Rosa P.

"My daughter and I absolutely love it! I have a neighbor that used it as well and she's all about all natural. She's in love! We'll definitely be ordering in the near future. My neighbor also will be. Thanks again, for your kindness and generosity!" -Jennifer L.

"THANK YOU! Thank you so much for that life-saving bottle of Bug Be Gone! I have used it on my daughter and myself the past 3 days that we have been able to be outside. It is AMAZING. We still see the mosquitoes (they are HUGE) but neither of us has any new bites. Plus it smells great! My husband came in the room after I sprayed her and I and asked me what I was diffusing that smelled so good. Thank you again." -Brittany L.


For more details about Bug Be Gone, click any of these links:


Thank you to those who have reached out. And a special thanks to those generous souls who contacted me with an offer to show support by helping my efforts. They purchased bottles of Bug Be Gone and asked that I mail them to those in need in NC. 

With Deepest Appreciation,

Chris, Ardent Naturals