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Simple Natural Skincare

I'm a bare minimum skincare kind of gal.  I can't believe it, but I'm also pushing 50 years old. 

Enter winter with its dry air and cold temperatures.  My skin looks wrinkled and uneven with dry patches and blotchy red areas.  And I have a big brown sun spot on the side of my face that seems to be getting more pronounced.

I'm running low on my normal basic skin care products.  Rather than replace them, I've been researching some natural alternatives that may help with my issues. 

Here's the catch, my skincare routine needs to be low maintenance.  I always have the best intentions, but the reality is that I will wash my face and apply skin cream.  And that's just about all I'll do.  Layering products on my skin is a nice idea, but experience has shown that I won't stick with it.  For me, it needs to be simple.

An Oldie But A Goodie

As I did my research to find natural solutions for my skin care woes, I came across recommendations for Thayers Witch Hazel (affiliate link).  Now, I always thought Witch Hazel was an astringent, so I was surprised to learn that it's also a cleanser.  Since Thayers does not have alcohol, it won't dry your skin as much. 

I remembered that I purchased a bottle of Thayers Witch Hazel with Aloe (affiliate link) a couple of years ago for a skin care recipe.  I retrieved it from my stash of natural ingredients, squirted it into a cotton ball and applied on my face and neck.  I reapplied it again because the cotton ball was so dirty.  After I gave my skin a chance to dry, I returned to the mirror and was impressed by the noticeable difference in my skin tone.  It looked less red and the dry skin was gone.  When I touched my face, it felt super clean and soft.  Alright!!!! 

I wasn't sure whether I still needed moisturizer, so I waited to test if I'd have that tightening sensation that I regularly experience without cream.  I gave it a couple of hours and ultimately decided that it would be a good idea to moisturize.  It didn't feel like the normal alligator skin, but it did feel a little tight.  The moisturizer also doubles as a great way to remove my eye makeup.

Mission Accomplished

Using the Thayers is actually EASIER than my previous method of washing my skin. This is a big win in my book!  

Up next: I'll share my recipe for natural skin cream.