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About Bug Be Gone

Bug Be Gone was originally formulated for this little one. Mosquitos love her (as seen by the bite on her cheek). She has an allergic reaction to the bites, causing swelling, redness, and blisters. Bug Be Gone worked for her, as well as for many others who want a safe and effective alternative to commercial repellents.


It's hard to find a natural insect repellent that actually works. We know because we've tried, too.

Our cabinet is full of repellents that we bought at the store. The natural ones worked so-so, and the ones with Deet fogged the air with a chemical cloud that made us cough.

Seriously, does anyone feel good about applying something to a child's skin that requires them to cover their face and hold their breath?

We didn't want to use insect repellents containing Deet on our kids' skin, but there were times we simply did not have a choice. It was the best we could do to keep the mosquitos and ticks from biting our kids, especially when we camped.

We never stopped looking for a natural, effective insect repellent. After researching and experimenting with various recipes, in 2016 we developed a mix that worked far better than any other repellent we've tried. This was particularly good news for my daughter, who seemed to be a magnet for mosquitos. And she was allergic to their bites, which caused swelling and blisters.

Bug Be Gone was born when we began sharing this natural wonder with others. The feedback was (and continues to be) overwhelmingly positive.  We are delighted to create something so effective and special for those seeking a natural alternative for their whole family.  We are delighted everytime we hear a story of how Bug Be Gone helped someone enjoy their outdoor experience. Truly, there is no better feeling. 

Thank you for bringing Ardent Naturals along as you embrace those moments, naturally.  Life is for living, friends.